Here at Random Steaming I’m looking to offer a varied, original and in-depth look at video games.

I will create various different articles be them reviews, general musings or my experience with a certain game.

A snippet of my video game history:

The first game I really remember playing would have been Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive. Between this and the true beginnings of my love for the medium involved classic such as Micro Machines, Kid Chameleon and the earliest FIFA’s!

We received a Playstation 1 upon the Christmas after its release, and have never looked back since. The game that truly opened up my world in more ways than one is Final Fantasy VIII, and to this day remains my number one favourite game of all. For the first time I experienced an actual fully-fledged story that, despite its many critics, had a huge effect on my young self with its left-field twists and wacky turns that eventually spawned many different theories. That along with the time-based combat I grew to love as well as the most exceptional of mini-games along with the classic Uematsu score means the game remains number one.

Final Fantasy has remained a go-to series for me ever since, through the days of the Playstation 2, and even after jumping ship to Xbox 360 after that. Now I’m back to Playstation 4, but instead of choosing between the two I own an Xbox One as well! I also have a totally non-gaming laptop that is still decent enough to run a lot of games through Steam or GOG.

Between FFVIII and the current day there have of course been plenty of loves in between. Listing everything would take both you and I all week so I’ll mention some particular favourites such as the Monkey Island series (I started with Curse, the third instalment), Bioshock (1, 2 and Infinite), the Mass Effect series, Fallout 3 onwards (with a sampling of the original that didn’t last long), the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind onwards), Red Dead Redemption, Braid, Child of Light, DJ Hero (which I am awesome at), the Gears of War series, Overwatch and plenty of others that I can’t think of right now! If you want to know anything else then just ask!

This has all culminated in my experience of the greatest game of all time in 2015, one that raised the bar in every aspect, not only for its native RPG but for video games across the board, when I experienced the genuine masterpiece that is Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It will be a long time before a game comes close to topping that in my mind (FFVIII remains my favourite, Witcher 3 is the best). Geralt himself is a wonderfully stoic protagonist, with every quest from the smallest side ones to the epic and mystical main quest-line is wonderfully written and acted, the graphics are still stunning and the DLC is just as incredible. CD Projekt Red treat their fans with respect and have crafted the most amazing game.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough for now. Take a look at some of my posts, get in touch and have fun!

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