The Last Guardian vs Final Fantasy

Two games with similarly chequered and lengthy creations, both from well-respected and iconic Japanese developers and releasing within weeks of each other.

Broaden Your Horizons

If someone had told me a year ago today that my two favourite games of 2016 would be a From Software title and a multiplayer-only FPS then I would have slapped them there and then – right in the face.

Let’s Give Developers a Break

We all share a passion for one thing: Video Games. Let’s face it, we love them. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t bother with them of course and would choose to spend our free time doing something else like reading a book, watching a film or dare I say it: go outside!

A Tale of Two DLC’s – Shovel Knight vs Dragon Age: Inquisition

DLC ranges wildly from huge 20-hour+ quests on a whole new island, to new weapons and even (somewhat infamously) armour for your horse. I recently indulged in two portions of DLC, both similar in length yet wildly different in execution.

Remasters: The Ultimate Definitive Collection РThe Remake

Nostalgia is a lovely notion in life. Memories of a time most pleasurable, and reliving these moments is usually such a wonderful thing.

Achievements and Trophies – Rewards for Having Fun

I don’t play games purely to score some sweet Gamerscore, and I wouldn’t refuse to play if there isn’t any on offer, however when it’s available and I’m earning them I think they are a nice addition. I play primarily on Xbox One, therefore I will refer to the rewards we get as ‘achievements’, but I encompass all the various versions out there.